ATTACK! Pro Wrestling was established in 2011 by Pete Dunne and Jim Lee. Between 2012 and 2020, the company was managed by multiple wrestlers including Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, and Chris Brookes; and performed shows in Cardiff, Bristol, and London; showcasing a variety of talent from inside and outside the UK.

After a three year hiatus between 2020 and 2023, the company returned on January 21, 2023 under the new ownership of Mark Andrews.

This company has a safeguarding policy in place to promote the welfare of all talent, workers, volunteers, and members of the public who attend an event. All talent, workers, and volunteers will have signed a code of conduct and will be aware of the safeguarding procedures that will be followed should a safeguarding concern arise. If you have a safeguarding concern or would like to speak to someone about safeguarding at an event, please email attackprowres@gmail.com or speak to Mark Andrews, Company Director of ATTACK! Pro Wrestling.